Screen Movie Studio 2.6 Released!

Screen Movie Studio is a screen recorder tool. It lets you capture your PC desktop activities into standard AVI video files. This advanced screen capturing software can capture anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, menus, cursors, and even video with sound. Screen Movie Studio is able to record all these movements allowing you to save them and play them back.

Screen Movie Studio can record all activities in full screen, active windows, fixed area and predefined area along with mouse and keyboard sound. You can select input and output mode, show, hide and use custom cursor, add date and time and choose what voice to record from the Options setting.

You can use Screen Movie Studio to develop videos to demonstrate features of a website, software product, for creating movies used in user training or any other task that requires capturing desktop activities.

Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Top 3 Unique Features:

Best Compression: The MSCC (Mandsoft Screen Capture Codec) is optimized for screen capture so that the resulting files are small and highly compressed. Also, by using this codec, you can speedup the screen capture as less data need to be saved to disk. As far as we know, the file size produced by this codec is the smallest compared to other screen video codec. If you find a codec which can produce a smaller file size than MSCC, pleaseLet us know.

Fully Scriptable: The XCmd component enable controlling the recorder through command line or any script language. This is very suitable for auto software testing or any other kinds of automation task. With XCmd, controlling the recorder from command line or script just need one line of command or code. If you find other screen recorder software provides more powerful scriptable ability, please Let us know.

Unlimited Effects: You can add as many text effects as you can. We don't put limitation on you. Flexible macro support enable you embed context information in the video. If you find other software that also provides unlimited number of text effects, please Let us know.

With Screen Movie Studio you can:

  • Develop videos to demonstrate features of your new software or train new users of existing software.
  • Create movies used in user training and tutoring. Complex procedures can be shown quickly using captured program operation sequences.
  • Record other video format (such as real media file) into standard, editable, uncompressed AVI format movie file.
  • Record abnormal events for support and testing purposes. For example, you could record a sequence of actions to remind yourself later how to perform a certain task (or to show colleagues).
  • Develop multimedia material that can be shown on TV or burn to CD Rom. use it to promote your web site or other product.
  • Capture an entire course for online and CD delivery.